President Xi Jinping Speaks with Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina of Bangladesh on the Phone


On the evening of 20 May, President Xi Jinping spoke with Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina of Bangladesh on the Phone.

Xi noted the support extended in various forms by the people of all walks of life in Bangladesh at the critical moment of China's fight against COVID-19, which demonstrated the profound friendship of the Bangladeshi people toward the Chinese people. As the virus is still spreading across South Asia, it remains an arduous task to prevent and control the disease. Xi reaffirmed China's firm support to Bangladesh in fighting COVID-19. China is prepared to help where it can in light of the actual needs of Bangladesh, including sending a medical expert team to Bangladesh in coming days. Xi expressed confidence in the ability of the Bangladeshi people to defeat the virus at an early date under the leadership of Prime Minister Hasina. He thanked the Bangladeshi government for helping the Chinese nationals in Bangladesh and expressed China's readiness to protect the life and health of the Bangladeshi nationals in China.

Xi stressed that China is opposed to any moves that disrupt international cooperation against COVID-19 and undermine the response efforts of the world, developing countries in particular. China will continue to work with Bangladesh and the rest of the international community to support WHO's leadership role and advance international cooperation on joint prevention and control with a view to upholding global public health security.

Xi highlighted the time-honored friendship between China and Bangladesh, two countries which are each other's important partners for development. It is imperative that the two countries enhance their strategic partnership of cooperation and deepen Belt and Road cooperation. While staying vigilant against COVID-19, China and Bangladesh could work together to foster the gradual resumption of key cooperation projects and maintain the stability of the industrial and supply chains. This will lay a solid foundation for the two countries to ramp up cooperation in various fields in the post-COVID-19 era.

Noting the long-standing and profound friendship between Bangladesh and China, Prime Minister Hasina recalled President Xi Jinping's successful state visit to Bangladesh in 2016, which brought bilateral ties to a new height. Bangladesh is deeply grateful for China's valuable support and assistance during the country's fierce battle against COVID-19, which raised Bangladesh's response capacity and boosted its confidence in overcoming the difficulties. COVID-19 is a global issue that requires a collective response. She also thanked China for taking care of Bangladeshi citizens in China especially the students in Wuhan. Bangladesh will provide for the essential needs of Chinese nationals in the country. It is ready work with China on the Belt and Road Initiative and take forward the strategic partnership of cooperation with China.

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